Lip Taping

It seems crazy to think you should physically tape your lips closed when you are asleep, doesn’t it? Well, the reality is… it is a pretty smart thing to do! Here’s why.

Lip taping makes us breathe through our nasal cavity. This is very important in order to utilize the benefits of Nitric Oxide that is produced in our paranasal sinuses. When Nitric Oxide is inhaled into the lungs it supercharges our lung’s ability to absorb Oxygen by 10-25%.

Breathing through your nose will also make you healthier. Nitric Oxide kills bacteria and viruses. That fact combined with the role of our nasal mucous, helps us to get rid of bad germs that cause infections, such as sinus and ear infections, to name a few.

Breathing through our noses elicits a Parasympathetic Response. Our heart rates will be lower, as will our blood pressure.

Mouth breathing causes chronic hyperventilation which throws off our Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide balance, leading to Oxygen starvation. Our brains and organs are directly affected by this imbalance.

For overall health, well-being and for better sleep quality, try lip taping. It’s an inexpensive and easy thing to do that has optimum benefits for your body.

Materials: 1 inch Micropore Surgical Tape: Hypoallergenic, Scissors

Instructions: 1. Get ready for bed: wash your face, brush and floss your teeth. 2. Cut a strip of tape long enough to cover your lips horizontally. 3. Fold the tape over on both ends to make it easy to rip off if necessary. 4. Pat your lips dry. 5. Relax your lips, (do not purse them, or it may be a little uncomfortable). Place the tape on your lips, from corner to corner, horizontally. For Beginners: start with using the tape vertically. Nighty-night!

If you tear off the tape in your sleep, contact your dentist. He/She can help you figure out what is stopping you from being able to consistently breathe through your nose. Perhaps you have allergies, a deviated septum, reactive turbinates, large adenoids/tonsils, or other airway issues that need to be addressed prior to beginning a lip tap protocol.